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Why do we do it?

20 Sep

By ‘it’ I am not talking sex.  I’m talking about whatever motivates us to do the things we do.  I’m constantly reevaluating what I do and why I do it when it comes to comedy.  Comedy is pretty difficult and I usually end up taking a beating.  But there is this stupid desire to get back onstage and tell jokes to people who probably aren’t even aware of who you are and will just as quickly forget what you just said.  Sigh…

I only imagine it is the same thing for other comics.  Maybe some do it for the thrills of the stage, perceived money and women, control…  Maybe a combination of all 3 or others.  I prefer the creativity and writing.  I’d like to think of myself as more of a joke writer.  I’m not much of a joke actor.  At least not yet.  I know that animation is a big part of comedy but I gotta tell ya I am most in love with the guys who just stand there and hold you in awe with just their words.  It is a great thing to see.

Thinking it over maybe I am just a self-absorbed prick who needs the attention of others?!  Look at me with my Facebook and Twitter and new website (  In the end we need that garbage to just try and make ends meet.  The comedy does not come to us.  We need to go to where the comedy is.  In the meanwhile I guess we hope that we are entertaining.

See you at the next gig… Hopefully.

Is it worth it?

15 Sep

You do a lot in comedy for free.  You do open mics for free.  You do that because well, lets be honest, you NEED to.  You suck when you first start and you will suck a long time.  Open mics make you suck less.  It is practice.  You get on stage to work on delivery, presence, and timing.  You can’t do that in your basement, bathroom, or car.  (I’ve tried without success.)

But sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you do get better.  This leads to things like guest spots, mc work, and maybe something better.  Hurray for you if this is working.  But then an issue comes up.  Do I continue to do stuff for free?  When do I stop giving away the jokes for free?  When do I become a commodity?  When is enough enough?

I bring this up because I travelled 3 hours one way to do a ‘guest spot’ on a show and get 5-8 minutes.  I’m not gonna lie I went with my buddy to support him and tag along to see the room.  Did I really need to do this?  Probably not.  I already work for the guy who books that room.  Maybe he will give me more work because of how well I did on the guest spot but that is never guaranteed.  It is a crap shoot folks.

For me at least the best part was the journey.  I got to travel with a guy who I like being with.  It is odd to me as I am old enough to be his dad (and am older than his mom) but we have this bond of comedy.  He is tagging along with me to do shows in NY and SC so that will be a bonding experience as well.  Either jokes will come of it OR someone will have a black eye and maybe a missing tooth.

So was it worth it?  I guess it all depends on what you value.  It was worth it to me.

Labor Day!

5 Sep

So it seems that Labor Day is about how guys fought for equality in the factories and warehouses in the past.  I suppose we owe our debt and gratitude to these people for giving us a living wage today.  I celebrated it by sleeping my hangover off til 1pm.

Hello world!

1 Sep

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