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Too soon?

30 Dec

There is always pushing of boundaries in comedy.  Often times this comes at the expense of a tragedy or death.  And when the joke is told you might hear groans or ‘Ohhhhhh’s’ and either the audience or the comic might say ‘Too soon?’

I’m not going to judge anyone for what they decide to do when it comes to jokes like this.  I personally don’t feel like there is such a thing as ‘too soon.’  I told a Bernie Mac joke just a few hours after he died.  Some people in the crowd found out he died because of my joke, which I found to be funny.

With that being said I do believe that, because of the sensitivity of the nature of the joke, it better be fucking funny!  And I have heard many a joke that just wasn’t funny.  It was just too brutal, too crass, or just too stupid.  And it is the open micer who is going to attempt to do this kind of joke.  I’m never really sure what they are hoping to get from it.  Certainly the crowd won’t get on your side.  No one thinks your gutsy for saying something like that.  You aren’t on stage to prove you have guts.  Just make sure it is funny.

So before you go about telling a new raunchy joke about whatever latest tragedy happened make sure it is original, make sure it is done well, and most importantly make sure that people will LAUGH!