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Comedy contests = loser?

6 Oct

I’m going down to Indy this coming Wed to be a part of the Trial By Laughter contest.  Yeah, a contest.  Contests in comedy?  Yeah.  Contests in the art world are odd to me.  Art is just subjective.  I guess I am just not smart enough to get how we can put these jokes/painting/song against this other joke/painting/song.  It seems inherently wrong.  But people love themselves some contests as evidenced by shows like Last Comic Standing, American Idol, America’s Got Talent and shows like that.

I don’t believe that comics like doing contests.  You don’t want to have your jokes put up against another comic’s.  You don’t want that added level of stress there.  Hell, just getting people to laugh is stressful enough without worrying if people like your’s more.  If I was competitive I would have been better in basketball.  Sadly I’d rather tell jokes about my balls.  But off I go to do my best…

Do I have any misconceived notions about winning this thing? Absolutely not.  I believe there are 30 comics in this thing and I know the odds are stacked against me.  Hell, I even backed in this thing as I was an alternate that got in because someone else turned it down.  But don’t mistake my understanding of the odds for me not going in trying.  I don’t need to win this thing to maybe work Mortys (the club the contest is being held in) in the future.  Maybe I will get a shot at being on Bob and Tom as Chick McGee is one of the judges.  Maybe another comic hooks me up with some info cause they liked me.  Ya never know.

So my plan is to go in, hit em hard, let the chips fall where they may, and accept whatever happens (cause that is out of my control) and just enjoy the experience.  I fully expect to return home on Thurs but I am packing enough underwear to get me through to Sun.  Cause, hey you never know…  And maybe the judges take bribes.

Comedy = Life?

2 Oct

Comedy is and should be all about the positive things in life.  It should be fun, thought provoking (hopefully), and for me bring in some much needed coin.  I am after all trying to make comedy my only source of income.  And right now it just ain’t happening.

I have 2 other jobs to help pay the bills.  I am a professional mover and I do some stuff with that good old Masters degree I earned some 16 years ago.  The moving job I have found to be quite interesting.  I get to see people at their most basic.  I get to see the shit they have decided to keep and take with them to their next humble abode.  And let me be completely honest here… most of the stuff should be put in a dumpster fire.  Dear lord people. The tv show Hoarders shouldn’t have a hard time finding people.  Just all sorts of nasty things people keep.  Plus you gotta love anything that has been peed on by a cat.  Maybe it is time to just burn the trailer to the ground.  Scorch the earth and all.  And for all you people out there that own a sleeper sofa, and you like to keep them in the basement, FUCK YOU!  Them bitches be heavy.

Some interesting things happened to me on the road this past weekend.  I was working the Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  Been there twice now and I really do enjoy the room.  Pete the owner is an interesting character (read I wouldn’t want to piss him off and meet him in a dark alley) but you can really tell he loves comedy and the biz.  The week was fun.  Good shows and pretty full rooms.  Up until Sat.  Ohio State had an 8pm game that night and sadly sports has a bad tendency to kill rooms.  I find it sad that people get wrapped up in things like sports.  Often they find identity in it and that is a little warped.  How about you just go out and carve your own identity? (Like me and my dick jokes!)  Anyway the crowds were lighter as a result.  Weird people were at the late show.  One guy up front told me that he was against gay marriage.  This blows my mind.  Why does anyone care? How does it affect you and your marriage?!   It just reeks of hate or stupidity.  Probably a bit of both.  At the same show a audience member was overheard in the bathroom saying he didn’t like me because I wasn’t black.  That is weird as I never advertised that I was black.  There are plenty of other reasons to not like my act though.

On more than 1 occasion I have heard people say that they haven’t gone back to a comedy show because the last time they went they didn’t like the act they saw.  Plenty of movies I have seen and yet I go back. The same can be said for music, radio, tv, books etc.  Just because you didn’t like one thing doesn’t mean you should cut out ALL others.  Sigh…

Anyway, I love ya.