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Anyone for some coffee?!

5 Feb

My life is pretty odd.  Odd in the sense that most people don’t live like comedians.  They live, for lack of a better word, normal lives.  I do not.  My life is busy during the weekends.  I work late nights.  I travel a lot.  I write down things on scraps of paper and napkins.  I say ridiculous things in front of strangers.  I say things that I probably should regret but don’t.  I am confident enough in myself to stand up in front of lots of people and say what is on my mind.  I have poor self esteem in as much as I crave the approval of what these strangers think (sometimes).  So with that being said I often do different things.

I have a difficult time meeting people as a result of what I do.  Most of the people I meet are other comics or people who work in clubs.  I will meet the occasional audience member but I find these moments awkward.  I never know what to say other than ‘Thanks for coming! Wanna buy a shirt?’  I’m not good with the small talk.

My inner circle of friends are all comics.  At one time I had friends who weren’t comics but I hardly see them any more.  My life is just too different.  I think I need to make some non comic friends.  Some people to keep me grounded.  This feeling is odd to me because I just don’t like people very much.  I find most people conceited, lazy and a little stupid.  I’m hard on people, I am aware.  So I am trying to change.  Grow some?  Maybe.

So I have had this thought about just getting coffee with people.  No preconceived notions.  Just coffee in the middle of the day.  Sounds harmless right?  No pressure or anything.  Not gonna lie it started with the concept of meeting women.  I’m middle aged and have no idea how to meet women.  I asked several for coffee dates.  There was the initial ‘Yes’ but then nothing came from it.  They just couldn’t be pinned down to a date.  I let it go as I don’t want to be seen as some creeper.  I feel I give that vibe off enough as it is.

So I made a Facebook post about getting coffee with people.  I figured I would get a response… something.  And I did! Mostly jokes tho.  Funny quips.  I guess people thought I was making a joke.  Something along the lines of ‘Hey, this comedian is making a joke about meeting people for coffee! Let’s add to this joke.’  And yeah, I suppose I get it.  It is a pretty random thing for a guy to do.  But what else do I do?  

I did get some interest from people.  All of them comics!  Haha! Jokes on me.  I’m still interested in doing this though.  I think it will be good for me to meet people, have some coffee, and just talk.  It will challenge me for sure.  If nothing else it will spark something.  So if people are interested in having some coffee lets do it!  Send me a message on Facebook or shoot me and email-  Social interaction is something we all need and the art of conversation not done via text, email, or Facebook is becoming a rarity.

So who wants some coffee?