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Cookie ain’t the ‘C word’

23 May

Words are words.  I enjoy words and word play and being able to get a reaction out of people.  No words really shock me in any particular way.  I try to be careful with my word choices.  I will think about the effectiveness of the choice in how I want to be perceived.  I like using vulgarity in my comedy act because I generally use it in my day to day language.  I know when to use it and when not to.  I am not an idiot.

With that being said a tweet of mine got me in trouble with a follower.  I tweeted about some hecklers at the show last week.  The hecklers were giving the headliner a hard time and eventually were tossed.  They needed to be as they were being disruptive.  So in my anger and frustration with hecklers I tweeted that ‘Cunts should be left at home.’  I also added ‘that this is non-gender specific’ because the hecklers were dudes.  I chose the word cunt in this instance because it had a stronger meaning to it than if I used the word ‘bitch’ or ‘asshole.’  In the context it was appropriate.

I received a Facebook message from a friend saying that she felt the use of the word ‘cunt’ was done for shock value.  She compared it to comedians doing ‘rape’ jokes.  I couldn’t disagree with her more.  Cunt is just a word.  For some reason in the US women have a strong attachment to it that they find distasteful.  And that is ok, I guess.  However I did not call her a cunt, I did not call a woman a cunt, I called hecklers cunts.  Why?  Because that was the appropriate term and use of the word.

Since then I have seen several memes posted using the word cunt.  One said ‘If you don’t want to be called a cunt, stop acting like a cunt.’ Another one attributed the quote ‘Try not to be a cunt.’ to Buddha.  I find both to be hilarious.  Just the idea that this great philosopher/spiritual leader used the word cunt is funny to me.  In the process I think it takes the edge off the word.  It softens it.  It makes it more acceptable to use.  And I am all for this as I like using the word.  I have a joke where I call Jenny McCarthy a cunt.  Again I use that word as bitch is just to soft.  Cunt is perfect on so many levels.

So what do we do to make the word more acceptable?  I have no idea.  Hopefully the next generation has it easier.  Hopefully the next generation can see the humor in the word.  Until then I can only hope that people stop acting like cunts.  Or at least stop acting like cunts at comedy shows.