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Fukc Yeah!

28 Oct

This is what’s wrong with the world today… bad language.  There recently was a front page article in the Grand Rapids Press which proclaimed “Experts say childhood profanity is no laughing matter.”  Kids mimic what they hear from their parents/others and just repeat it.  Laughing reinforces the behavior.  This might be true but in the end who cares?!  I love laughing and I find it funny when kids swear and say stupid things.  When the day is done though I go home and not worry about it as I don’t have kids. (This is a choice that I have made.  Having a kid swear is probably on the bottom of the list of things you need to worry about as a parent.)

But the article got me thinking on another level.  It got me thinking about words that people find offensive.  Cursing, swearing, using profanity…  All of this is generally considered to be in bad form.  And I get it.  It is a cultural thing.  So I don’t use profanity in front of kids.  I don’t swear in front of older people.  I don’t usually go out in public and cuss while waiting in line at the grocery store.  But ya know what?  When I am at home, or hanging out with my friends, I have been known to unleash a tirade of filthy words.  I don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse or worry about what I have done.  It was just me expressing myself in the company of others that I know and respect.

I’ve heard that swearing is just an indication that the person is lacking in education and doesn’t have the means to properly express themselves.  I have a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.  I have been around the world and have been exposed to many things.  I have a wide range of words I can choose from my vernacular but sometimes I just like letting a good ‘F bomb’ fly.  Why?  Because people know what I am talking about.  It is real and people can relate.

As a comic I get on stage and perform in front of people who usually have no idea who I am or anything about me.  It is my job to make them laugh.  More often than not I am able to accomplish this and I love what I do.  Usually I am gonna throw in some swear words.  I’ll say fuck or shit or damn (Is ‘damn’ really even a swear word anymore?) to get a point across.  I don’t use the words excessively and they are not the punch line to the joke.  Often clubs have rules about language. (Which is their right since it is their stage and club.  I’m not even gonna get into a freedom of speech argument here.)  I did this one club in Indianapolis to do an open mic.  They had a rule where if you said the F word you would be banned for 90 days. (Why is the word fuck so bad and harsh to people?  It means to have sexual intercourse.  We all have sex someday.)  I thought this meant they wanted to keep the show cleaner because of the harsh punishment.  Boy was I wrong!  I heard guys talk about eating out 12 year old girls and getting anally raped on an altar by a priest. (Both seem to be various forms of fucking.)  That seemed to be ok.  But when the guy in front of me accidently said that he walked to the ‘fucking store’ the mic was cut off and he was banned 90 days.  It blew my mind.  Was what he said really that offensive in comparison to eating out a 12 year old girl?!  Maybe my sensitivities are out of whack.

With that being said I try not to worry about language too much.  I try not to worry about things when I am on stage.  I figure I am working in a club where adults are and they probably expect to hear adult content.  If they are bothered by what I have to say I am not gonna apologize.  Instead I will let them know about something else that they can do.  And do for free!  They can go fuck themselves.