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Resolutions for what?!

16 Jan

January is that time of year where you start to dread winter, you begin packing on winter weight, and resolutions are made.  It seems logical that people would make resolutions now.  The whole ‘New Year, New Me’ attitude to have is a good one.

But for me making resolutions aren’t quite the same as most people.  I don’t need to lose weight, stop drinking, hit the gym…  All the regular resolutions people might make.  And good for you if that is what you need to work on.  WORK IT SON!  But for me it has to come down to work.  It has to do with my career.  It has to do with me WORKING IT!

So these are some things that I want to do in 2015.

  • Get into a fest that I haven’t done before.
  • Finish the children’s book I started.
  • Get into 5 different rooms I haven’t worked before.
  • Get in with 3 bookers that I haven’t worked with before.
  • Get a national credit of some kind (Radio/tv). This is the big one for me.
  • Have at least 30 new minute of material. I’m not a Louis CK and can bang out a new hour every year. 30 seems doable.
  • Spend 1-2 weeks in NYC.
  • Bang 2 waitresses
  • Headline one nighters on a consistent basis.
  • Continue to work on my podcast and make it more consistent.
  • Get a paid writing gig for a website.
  • Write monologue jokes to be used for tv.

If I follow these 12 things I figure 2015 could be a solid year for me.  So I will post these things on my fridge as a reminder to me.  Something to hold me accountable to keep working and progressing.  Feel free to ask me how these things are coming along.  It will be a motivator.  If nothing else I can take up smoking and look to quit it in 2016.


Good things happen to good people

10 Jan

Good things can happen to good people.  That became quite clear to me when my buddy Johnny Beehner got some great news. Johnny recently got a spot on The Late Show with David Letterman.  This is phenomenal news!  Getting a late night spot is coveted and with Letterman retiring in the next 3 months this makes this even more special.

Johnny getting a spot means a lot to me in a few ways.  I consider him a friend.  We have worked numerous times and he is just such a solid act.  Years ago when I 1st saw him he made me giggle at his silly jokes.  Each time I saw a ton of progress in developing his act.  He is engaging and goofy.  Even when I knew what joke he was doing I still laughed at the joke.  That is when you know you have something special.

What I particularly like about Johnny getting a spot is that he lives in the Midwest.  Johnny is based out of Milwaukee.  I love that a guy who is NOT in either NY or LA is getting some pub.  It reminds me that I can still do positive things living in Michigan.  So I will continue to write, perform and hone what I do and try to achieve what Johnny has done.

So I encourage people to watch The Late Show Jan 16th at 11:35pm.  Johnny Beehner will be on and he will make us all proud.