When a Spade Is Not A Spade…

1 Apr

As everyone should know by now a tragic plane crashed occurred last week.  Crashed right into a mountain killing all 150 people involved.  Was it mechanical failure?  Was it terrorism?  Was it pilot error?  All these questions were asked on day 1.

It slowly but surely became clear that there was no mechanical issues  involved.  The plane was fit to fly with no problems.  So was it an act of terrorism?  Investigation into the pilots lives were done and there was no affiliation or connection to any terrorist organization.  So that leaves pilot error.

Yes, I guess there was pilot error on this instance.  The co-pilot made a choice to direct that plane into a mountain, take his life and take the lives of the other 149 people with him.  It was discovered he was suffering from depression.  He had had episodes of suicidal tendencies in the past as well.  So was this a suicide?  Sure, but it was also murder.  He murdered those people plain and simple.

According to recordings on the black box the co-pilot’s breathing remained calm throughout.  He stayed quiet as people yelled and screamed behind the lock door behind him.  This was a cold and calculated process.

Issues will now arise about how to effectively deal with people with depression.  How will we regulate them?  How do we keep people safe?  There will be a witch hunt of sorts in response to this.  I’m torn by all of this.  I have suffered with depression.  I’ve suffered with suicidal thoughts.  There was a period of time when I let myself go and looked like I should be writing a manifesto on an old envelope.

Crazy Stu

With that being said I never once thought about harming others in the process.  I thought about how bleak things were, but how I was still in control of my thoughts, feelings and actions.  I looked for support and dealt with things like so many other people have done and will continue to do.  So if you have some mental health issues look for help in your community.  It is out there.

But let us not confuse what this guy choose to do as suicide. He could have chose to do that anywhere and not hurt anyone else.  He took 149 lives with him and that straight makes him a murderer in my book.

2 Responses to “When a Spade Is Not A Spade…”

  1. jboogiebrown April 2, 2015 at 3:36 am #

    Yeah, I have a rule. I don’t beat up (figuratively) on old folks, children, or the mentally challenged. It’s just sinful. I hate to see news networks profiting from wall to wall coverage of the plane crash and acting shocked, shocked about the “controversial” social issue of mental health. The stigma of mental health, has always been a matter of White privilege. Black folk are never given that particular “out” for any crime. It’s always Black + police = guilty, beyond any reasonable doubt–even when there’s video, such as with Eric Garner, or Treyvon Martin and the whole audio tape, no weapon, Skittles & Arizona Cooler. There is NO chance a person of color can ever receive such consideration.
    I guess it’s a good thing that at least some folks may receive the help they need, albeit, after the worst possible circumstances, at least it bodes well for the advancement of treatment. Too bad, it seems like only White males receive all of the benefits of research and treatment. I wish the system was designed to “help” all who need help, without indicting all those who suffer from mental illness who aren’t dangerous to themselves or others, as well as those who would be guilty of even heinous, murderous acts.
    The guy may not have killed himself and all of those people, if society didn’t shun those who hide their illness for fear exposure, due to persecution & ridicule. You may have suffered from mental illness but you should thank your lucky stars you look like a serial killer, just incase you do ever fly off the rails. They’ll take one look at you and dismiss the case–on account of you look the part! Right buddy? I am just joking. Nice Stu, good boy! Haha! seriously, though. I’m a huge advocate for mental health, since I am the most ANAL, ADD, OCD, SOL, OPP, self righteous bitch, I know! Help me!!!!!!

  2. jboogiebrown April 2, 2015 at 3:42 am #

    Reblogged this on Jboogiebrown's Blog and commented:
    Mental health is an excellent issue. You know, it’s covered in “Obamacare? I guess that’s just some more “stuff” Obama is trying to “give” to his lackeys. I hope it stirs up some talk!

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