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Just a mish mash of things

27 Jun

Gay marriage is legal.  That’s good.  I liken gay marriage to my beard- A lot of people to seem to hate it but it has nothing to do with them.  And if you really think about it, it actually isn’t that bad.


It is a new world people so just go with it.  Interracial marriage was illegal once too.  We got over that.

The Confederate flag is bad.  Yeah, I said it.  I know plenty of people out there seem to think it represents ‘heritage not hate.’  Maybe, but you have some shitty heritage.  Step away for a second and think about the flag from other people’s perspectives.  I believe that if you can do that you will see maybe it is time to take down the flag and leave it where it belongs; in history books.

Prison guards think it is ok to help murderers escape prison.  One guy is passing along baked good with tools baked inside.  Was this some sort of cartoon?! Who the hell does this?!  Stop helping guys who killed people.  They are in prison for a reason, they are not good people.  Go help a homeless person instead.  They could use the baked goods and maybe they will make themselves a home with the tools you baked inside.

Things we all need to do more-

Read , eat veggies, exercise, laugh more, listen to Stu’s

Things we need to do less of-

Bitch, paying attention to the Kardashians, complaining about Stu’s beard, voting republican