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Advice For People Performing in Comedy Fests

21 Mar

I’m fortunate enough to have been a part of a comedy festival (Laughfest) for the last 6 years.  I’ve also been able to participate in several other comedy fests over those 6 years.  I’d like to share some advice I have that may benefit people while they are performing in these fests.

1- Be excited to be there.  YOU were picked to perform.  Someone validated your abilities.  That is awesome! Have fun with it.

2- Show appreciation for it.  Thank volunteers, hosts, anyone involved in the fest.  Why? Because without them, the fest wouldn’t be happening.

3- Stick to your time.  If you are given 8 minutes of time, do that 8 minutes.  Don’t go long, don’t go short.  Knowing your time is part of the process.  Sticking to your time shows that you know how to arrange your set and be professional.

4- Know where your shows are.  Get there on time (on time means early).  Check in with the host or whoever else at the venue.  It is probable that they don’t know who you are.  It is helpful to them to let them know you are there which again is a part of being professional.

5- Not all fests are the same. Some you may have multiple shows you can get on, others you may just have the one.  If you have opportunities to get on other shows ask but be polite about it.  There will be many other comics wanting time too.  Don’t be a pest about it.

6- Don’t sell merch.  Fests are opportunities for you to network with other comics, industry, and audience members.  Save the merch for paid shows.

7- Don’t give business cards to other comics.  Save em for the crowd and industry.  Unless of course another comic wants em.  However a comic can probably just find you on social media and connect that way.

8- Go to any social event that fests plan.  Fests are not just about the shows.  They are about getting to know other comics and networking.  Many fests often have panels on the industry.  GO TO THESE PANELS!  These are very helpful with working on your career.  Other events could just happy hour, kick ball games, karaoke or other fun things.  Use them as a chance to meet people outside of a comedy club.

9- I’m a big fan of sending thank you cards to the event or venues thanking them for the stage time.  This can help you stand out from others and give you a chance to put your own personal mark on it.

10- Use social media in a positive way to show that you had a good time at the fest.  Tell other comics why you enjoyed it to let them know why they should do it in the future.  Fill out any suggestion emails that are sent.  ALL fests want to get better in subsequent years.


I hope the information found here is helpful to you.  If you have anything that you would like to add/share please feel free to contact me at or at