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Asking For A Friend…

13 Apr

As a 45 year old male how do I establish making NEW friends?  Maybe it is redundant to say ‘new’ friends.  You don’t make old friends.  Old friends are new friends that have been around forever.  Anyway, I need to know how to make new ones.

When you are a kid making friends was easy enough.  You made them at school, or in the neighborhood, or in Little League.  Something like that.  It was easy peasy.  You just said ‘You wanna be buddies?’  And then you were.  Unless you were that dick Peter Larson.  Screw him.

You played video games, talked about girls, played sports and so much other stuff.  Life was grand.

But then as you got older, life got in the way.  You moved away to school, you got a job, you got married and had kids.  All these grown up type things get in the way of friendships.  Maybe in the process you made new ones.  You made a buddy at work.  You became friends with your spouse’s friend’s spouse.

In the end though you don’t have a lot of time for things.  Or at least I don’t have a lot of time for things.  And the sad part is I haven’t done a lot of those things.  I didn’t get married.  I didn’t have kids.  So I guess I don’t have some convenient excuses to use.

But in my defense I have some obstacles in my way.  Comedy is my job and it really doesn’t an office for me to hang out with my coworkers at the water cooler.  Hell, my coworkers change almost every weekend and I only see them for a few hours a couple times a week anyway.  I spend most of my time in isolation- driving, flying, sitting in a hotel room by myself working on a computer.

I don’t play sports anymore. (I’ve gotten old and injury is a big thing I want to avoid.  Plus I suck.)  I’m gone on weekends so I miss out on a lot of activities that people do.  Most of my coworkers are usually a decade younger than me.  I stand out hanging with 20 somethings when I am a 40 something.

And then there is this primordial thing going on with guys.  This lion thing.  We are all part of a group, a pride, a village when we are young.  Then we get older, we mature, we do our own thing.  We get cast out from the group.  We stand on our own by our own.  We do what we want, when we want.  We don’t play well with others.

But fuck, it is lonely out there.  I want someone to talk to.  Someone to listen to me bitch, gloat and make fun of others.  However in return I don’t want to do the same thing for them.  (It is that primordial thing.)  So I guess I’ll sit at home and start fights on Facebook.