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100 Words a Day #48

31 May

Kathy Griffin makes a video of her holding the bloody head of Donald Trump.  I get it.  You’re angry, you’re showing outrage, you’re making a statement.  But lordy, this just didn’t work out as you had planned.  Did you think that people would yell ‘Bravo!’ and make you a hero?  It just wasn’t going to happen.

Instead you’re in the news for a moment.  You need to apologize.  People are calling for your head.

People need to remember though that Kathy Griffin is a comic.  It was satire.  There are clearly more important issues at hand.  Like crunch vs creamy!



100 Words a Day #47

31 May

The Daily Grind

Ground coffee

Ground balls

Balls to the wall

Bouncing off the wall

Walls closing in

To close to call

Call of the wild

Born to be Wild

Born in the USA

And the home of the brave

Home on the range

Ranger Rick

Rick Springfield

Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Bills

Bill Laimbeer

Beer and a shot

Shot to the mouth

Loud Mouth

Smash Mouth

Smash Burger

Burger King

King of Spain

Sarah Spain

Sarah by Hall and Oates

Honey N Oates

Honey Bear

Smokey the Bear

Smokey Bones

Bones, Thugs, N Harmony

Ebony and Ivory


Fleetwood Mac


100 Words a Day #46

29 May

He felt moisture in the air.  It got on his face as well.  It felt let dew.

He could still hear Claire whimpering.  As he got closer to where he thought she was he finally saw it.  It was a pool of water and it was steaming.  Claire was sitting by the edge of it looking in.

‘Get away from that Claire!’ he yelled.  But she didn’t move.

He stood next to Claire and looked into the pool and saw what she was staring at.

The pool was deep, very deep.  And there was a light from way down below.

hot springs

100 Words a Day #45

28 May

He could barely see shit it was so dark.  He did feel something squish under his feet.  ‘God dammit!’ he muttered.  He cursed himself for being lazy and not picking up Claire’s shit in a timely manner.

‘Claire!’ he loudly whispered.  ‘Where the hell are you?!’

He heard some whimpering and went in what he thought was the right direction. Claire didn’t do much other than that in helping him.

Steve finally realized it was a little too warm for a February day.  It easily felt like 80 degrees out.  That’s not right for Northern Michigan this time of year.


100 Words a Day #44

27 May

‘It is 4 in the morning! What the hell do you want?!’

The dog just whimpered in the corner.

‘C’mon…  I’ll let you outside.’

He opened the door and the dog disappeared into the darkness.  He figured the dog would be back in 30 seconds.  Do his business and come running back in.  But more than a minute elapsed.  2 minutes went by.

‘Claire!’ he called out.  ‘Time to come back in.’

Still no dog was seen.

He wandered back in to the house and got a coat.  He stepped into the back yard himself.  He heard some more whimpering.claire

100 Words a Day #43

26 May

You ever drink coffee in the morning and think ‘YEAH! This is a good idea.  I’m gonna be pumped.  I’m gonna tackle the day and get shit done!’  And then you do… for the first hour or two.

I have more than one cup.  Probably 3-4.  It does help me get going when I have to be up on those early 5am mornings.  But then I crash.  I crash hard around 11am.  My head gets fuzzy.  I get a big caffeine headache.  I just want to go to sleep but I can’t.

Do I ever learn from my mistakes? Nope.

coffee 2

100 Words a Day #42

25 May

I sat at the counter waiting to be served.  A guy came up to me with a menu.  I knew what I wanted so I just started to order.  He said he wasn’t my server so I couldn’t order with him.  So I waited and I waited and I waited.  My server finally came so I just quickly gave her my order.  And then I waited and I waited and I waited.  I just wanted to eat my coney dogs! They finally came and I ate them FAST! The bill finally came and do you know what I tipped her?



100 Words a Day #41

24 May

I quickly closed my computer monitor.

‘What are you watching?’ she asked.

‘Nothing’ I sheepishly replied.  ‘I am just working on some writing.’

‘I thought I heard some noises coming from the screen.  Were you watching something good?’

I really didn’t want her to know so I stuck with my response of ‘I was just working on a writing exercise.  I try to write 100 words a day.  It helps me think about things and get the juices going.’

‘Open the laptop!’  she demanded.

I hesitated as I really didn’t want her to see.

‘Cat videos?! That’s it?’ she replied.


100 Words a Day #40

23 May

Ok, Ok…  Got to stay focused.  Gotta keep my eyes on the prize.  It is all fun and games til someone loses an eye.  Many can pack the cards, few can play the game.   If you can’t write the words, don’t use the pencil.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Money is the root of all evil but a fool and his money are soon parted.  Out of the mouths of babes.  Pam Anderson sure was a babe.  What the hell happened to her?! Age is the great equalizer.  I’m not even sure I am staying focused on things.


100 Words a Day #39

22 May

‘Ok, let’s play a game of word association.  You ready for this?’ my therapist said.

‘Sure’ I replied. ‘Let’s do this.’


‘Right’ I said.


‘Night’ I shot back.


‘Sex’ rolled off the tongue.

‘Ok, what?  Sex?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, Sex.  I named my dog Sex.’

‘You named your dog Sex?’

‘Yeah, I thought it would be funny if he ever got out and I had to call him.  You know, I’d be yelling SEX! I’M LOOKING FOR SEX! COME HERE SEX! CAN YOU HELP ME FIND SEX?!’

‘Ok, please pay the receptionist on your way out. Thanks.’