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100 Words a Day #108

30 Jul

Why is the cat in the cradle?  It doesn’t belong there.

Dust in the wind is annoying as fuck.

Love is a battlefield and we all get scarred from it.

You’re living in your own private Idaho and I am ready to sell.

Can’t you see? Oh can’t you see, what that woman is doing to me?  Mostly emasculating me.


It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.  How about we take some breathers on the way?

And I’m not afraid of dying, why should I be?  We all gotta go sometime. Not soon enough.


100 Words a Day #107

29 Jul

Apparently Donald Trump wants to keep trans people out of the military.  He says they will be a distraction.  He says it will cost the military too much money.  I’ve never given this much thought.  Apparently there are less than 2000 trans people in the military.  Apparently more money is spent on boner pills in the military than on trans people.

Some people say trans people are mentally ill.  This is what I say- You have to be mentally ill to join the military. So if you can pass all the physical requirements to join, good on you.  Good luck.


100 Words a Day #106

28 Jul

I drove about 45 minutes today to a small rural airport.  I paid a young lady 300 dollars and filled out a legal waiver for her.  I met a man named Scott who went over very basic details before I got into a small airplane.  I got into the one seat (for the pilot) plane and Scott harnessed himself to my back.  I was feeling nervous and was wondering if it was too late to back out.  We flew up to 10,000 feet and fell out.  I’ll talk more about it Monday on my LMNOPodcast.  Tune in if ya could.


100 Words A Day #105

27 Jul

Crawford County ambulance got there 45 minutes later.  Bob did live way out in the middle of nowhere.  He met them in the driveway and told them Sam was dead in the garage.  They asked if anyone was still in the house and if there were any weapons involved.  They seemed suspicious and rightfully so.  There are many conspiracy people living in the woods.  They didn’t want to set off a bomb and have their leg blown off.

Bob assured them it was safe.  Although he wasn’t sure himself.  He didn’t know how Sam set off a bomb. Or why.



100 Words a Day #104

26 Jul

Write numbers alphabetically to 100.  You’ll have more words than 100. Weird.


Books on tape really speak to me.


Do you think Einstein ever said ‘You don’t need to be me to figure this out.’?


I’m pretty sure my dog likes it when I Dutch Oven her.


I’m amazed that so many people can’t figure out revolving doors.


Food festivals shouldn’t be held at zoos.


My dog isn’t a rescue but my girlfriend is.


I like texting random numbers with ‘New phone. Who dis?’


I said it. There, I said it.


And there for the grace of spellcheck go I.

One liners


100 Words a Day #103

25 Jul

Change and the willingness to accept that it happens is the key to thriving and success.


Acknowledging you make mistakes and learning from them is the key to thriving and success.


Working well with others and being able to be a good teammate is the key to thriving and success


Communication and being able to listen to others is the key to thriving and success.


Education and willing to learn new skills is the key to thriving and success.


Too be honest I have no idea what the key to success is.  It probably has something to do with happiness.


100 Words a Day #102

24 Jul

‘Welp, that doesn’t happen every day. Is this day ever gonna get normal?!’ he thought.

The rock was glowing brighter and brighter.  He walked over to the rock and looked at it.  He had to squint.  All of the sudden it flashed brightly and was done.

He rubbed his eyes, which were watering, and tried to focus.

The girl was in the corner staring.  Claire just wanted some food.

The rock appeared to have some writing on it.  The light had burned characters in the rock.  He could not read it.  The girl could.  ‘What does it say?’ he asked.


100 Words a Day #101

23 Jul

Friday night I got to see a locally filmed movie.  Wrote, filmed, produced all right here in the state of Michigan.  That is fantastic!  So I felt I should do my part and go support it.

It wasn’t good.

The crowd was most definitely there to support it.  The crowd was made up mostly of friends and family.  I think I might have been the only one with no connection to the film.  And that is who you want there!

You don’t want ‘Yes men’ there.  You want objectivity.

But good luck to the independent filmmaker. Be open to criticism.


100 Words a Day #100

22 Jul

I do a little podcast called LMNOPodcast.  I was recently doing it once a week but have now bumped it up to twice a week.  Why?  Because I like it.


The format’s changed over the years.  Originally I would interview comics that came in to the club or ones I had worked with on the road.  I got tired of that.  Then I just started doing it with regular co-hosts.  That became difficult to coordinate schedules.


So I have just decided to do it my way.  Just me.  Ranting, commenting on new topics etc.  I run the show my way.


100 Words a Day #99

21 Jul

Ok, I set the date.  I will be falling out of a plane on Fri July 28th.  I guess some people would call it skydiving but I think I am actually just falling.  Right?  I’m not doing anything other than leaning out of a plane and letting gravity do the rest.

I am not sure what my expectations are.  I don’t have any set notions.  I just want to do it.  Not for the rush nor the adrenaline.  It isn’t a bucket list thing.  It is just something to experience.

I’ll make sure the tandem guy isn’t suicidal that day.