100 Words a Day #115

8 Aug

I have been told that I have a resemblance to Anthony Bourdain.  I have never seen one of his shows but I am tired of him.  Seems every other commercial I see is about him telling me what food to eat or drink to drink.  Take it easy Tony.  Click goes the channel.

I got to sit in on a radio show on the AM dial.  Approximately 8 people heard it.  About the same amount of people who will read this.

I’m working on some sketches for an album recording in Oct. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile.

am radio

100 Words a Day #114

6 Aug

A Facebook acquaintance had a post up about tolerance.  He asked ‘shouldn’t we tolerate people with differing opinions.’  Sure, but then he used the example of Chick Fil A and their anti-gay marriage stance as an example.  We shouldn’t be tolerating bigotry, prejudice and hatred.  Preventing someone from having equal rights is not about tolerance or acceptance.  Do we tolerate Nazis or skinheads or Klan members?  We shouldn’t.

There should be a level of acceptance and education on these issues.  But to blindly allow people to hurt others is ludacris.  We need to try and be better than we are.


100 Words a Day 113

6 Aug

As I was walking my dog we found something in the road.  Before I reveal what it was I should mention that kind of neighborhood I live in.  It is ok.  I call it ‘hood light.’  It is safe enough but you aren’t really surprised when the SWAT team truck comes down your street.

Ok, we found a used condom in the road.  What the fuck is that about?  It wasn’t near a garbage can.  It was in the road.  Some nasty ass guy forgot he still had it on and tossed it out the window of his car. Lawdy.



100 Words A Day #112

4 Aug

You ever think about ending it?  I truly mean ending it.  Would you do it in a long drawn out way?  Using substances to take a toll on your health.  Killing your insides, rotting your teeth, losing your hair, skin turning wrinkly and weak.

Or would you do it quickly?  Use a gun, drive off a cliff, jump off a building?  Maybe these thoughts have passed through you mind.

So what do you do about?  Clearly you have not done those things since you’re reading this.  What keeps you alive?  Whatever it is I encourage you to keep doing it.

Ending it

100 Words A Day #111

3 Aug

The paramedics made their way in to the garage.  They commented on how it smelled of sulphur and whiskey.  Maybe Bob had poured too much whiskey into Sam’s mouth?  Bob also hadn’t smelled the sulphur.  Bob has anosmia, the inability to smell.  That ability has made life both a blessing and curse.

The paramedics found Sam on the floor.  He had bleed out despite Bob’s attempt to save him.  They kept quiet while they brought out the cadaver bag but didn’t put Sam in it.  They knew enough to wait for the cops.  Sheriff Thompson could be a prickly one.




100 Words A day #110

2 Aug

Last night I got to see the Retro Futura tour.  The tour included Modern English, English Beat, Katrina (but no waves), Paul Young, Men Without Hats, and Howard Jones.  All fun bands from the 80’s that had at least one hit.  Too be honest I couldn’t remember Paul Young.  The venue seats about 10,000 and there were maybe 1,000 people there.  I can’t imagine how the bands felt about the turnout.  Regardless the crowd had a great time! Men Without Hats started and ended with Safety Dance.  Too many people had side pony tails were seen.  Long live the 80’s!


100 Words a Day #109

1 Aug

So I write and I perform and I podcast and I tweet and I post and I do more and more and more and more for very little.

So why do I do this?  Sometimes I think I just do this because I have been doing this for so long, I don’t know what else I would be doing.  I do it out of habit.

But it isn’t working for me.  I must be crazy to keep doing the same thing over and over again for so little.

So I’m stopping.  I’m changing things up. I’m learning from my mistakes.