100 Words a Day #173

11 Oct

From the tv you could hear the game show Jeopardy playing.

‘His teeth were said to have been made of wood, but they were really made of many things including cow teeth, copper and ivory.’

‘Who is George Washington. This show is too damn easy.’ Said Billy.

‘You ever think of applying and going on?  Maybe you would win some money?!’

‘I thought about it but I don’t think I will.’

“What are you talking about?  You’re the smartest guy I know!’

‘I just don’t ever want to meet Alex Trebek?


‘In all honesty, his mustache creeps me out.



100 Words a Day #172

9 Oct

It will be good they said.  You will enjoy it they said.  You’ll have a good time they said.


I was at the Hanson concert and it was just that.  Eh.  It was their 25th Anniversary tour.  25 years on the road, performing, touring, recording.  Good for them.

Other than their 1997 smash hit, Mmmbop, I did not know one of their songs.  I had no idea what I was in for.

I should have known.  It was very poppy.  Very upbeat. Very sugary.  All the songs sounded the same to me.  Next time I will have to pass.


100 Words a Day #171

7 Oct

Do you take her to be your wife?

I do.

Do you take him to be your husband?

I do.

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Ok, now what?  They both said ‘I do’ but what does that mean?  I do what?

You are agreeing to things but what are you agreeing to?  You can’t predict the future.  You can’t predict what ifs?

What if ‘I don’t?’  Maybe you just don’t want to do those things anymore?

You get hired for a job but can be expected to leave.  Maybe it should be ok to leave a marriage too?

i dont

100 Words a Day #170

6 Oct

Sometimes you just don’t know.  You have no idea how things will turn out.  You hope for the best, you expect the worst.  You pull in to the parking expecting to see a shithole.  (It looks nice.)  You go in expecting a dead crowd.  (There are people there.)  You think that the sound and lights will be crap. (They are not.)  You expect the crowd to be dumb and full of hecklers.  (They aren’t and there are no hecklers.)  You expect to sell no merch.  (You sell several.)  Sometimes things in life just surprise you and you have some faith.


100 Words a Day #169

4 Oct

‘RUN!!!!’ was the only thing I heard.  There had been a loud explosion and I had hit the ground.  When I came to people were running.  I don’t know how long I had been out.  I got up and just started stumbling around.  Someone ran into me and I fell down.  I just kept thinking ‘Get up and go!’

A guy grabbed me and we got over to a wall.  I asked him what the hell happened.  He had no idea either.  It was just another concert.  ‘Pow, pow, pow!’ bullets flew past. My hero slumped over and stopped moving.

man shot


100 Words a Day #168

3 Oct

Man, I am sick.  Not in the sick in the head way, but sick in the I have a cold and I feel like I am dying way.

I get colds a few times a year. It suuuuuuuuucks.  I am just not good at dealing with things.  I just want to sleep the whole time.

I lie in bed sneezing, coughing and hacking up oysters.  My head is plugged up and yet my nose still manages to run.

I feel dizzy when I stand up.  I don’t think any OTC meds actually work.

But after a few days I’m ok.


100 Words a Day #167

2 Oct

Just another day passed. Just another 24 hours gone with nothing done. He looked at the clock. It was digital so he couldn’t even see the seconds fly bye. He knew he needed to get going, to make changes. But he was caught in this weird state of being stuck.

He put his head back on the pillow. He counted the numerous things he should do. Life changing things. Go to Europe, start that book, go back to school and finish that degree.

He eyes grew heavy. He figured he should write these things down but tomorrow was another day.