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100 Words a Dy #119

12 Aug

Things you need to be aware of life on the road as a comic.

1- It is often lonely.  You need to stay disciplined.

2- You often stay in cheap motels or crash on couches.

3- Food isn’t cheap.

4- Write about your experiences.

5- Learn to be friendly with staff and audience members.  Staff often have a say in who comes back.  Audience members will come back if they like you.

6- Get discount rewards at gas stations.

7- Have a quality gps!

8- Try to have fun! Don’t do this if you can’t.

9- Comedy is a job!


100 Words a Day #94

17 Jul

As a comedian your goal is to make people laugh.  That’s it.  Make em laugh.  If you make em think in the end that’s good, but it’s all about the laugh.

I had a gig last night where I can say that I fell a little short.  We did 3 shows.  The crowd didn’t laugh much at the first guy.  They didn’t laugh much at me.  I felt like I was in a staring contest and the crowd won.

The staff was kind enough to say I was funny and the crowd sucked.  Some days are just not that fun.


100 Words a Day #84

6 Jul

I got a call from a buddy.  He’s someone I met through working with media in Grand Rapids.  He listened to my last podcast (LMNOPodcast on Soundcloud, iTunes and Castbox) and wanted to tell me that I shouldn’t quit comedy.  I had expressed my frustration with the business and how it just wasn’t working out as I would want.

There is a strong desire for people to see other people succeed in their dreams.  It is a deeply rooted in people to root for the underdog.  I thanked him and reminded myself to just do what was right for me.


100 Words a Day #79

2 Jul

‘Ok, I have this room right.  It is outside of Chicago.  Great room.  Gonna bring in lots of people.  It’ll be great!’


‘Sounds nice’ I said.  ‘How much is it paying?’


‘Welp, that’s the thing.  It is still pretty new.  We want to get the right people in for the crowd we want to attract.’


‘Ok, do I get a hotel with it?’


‘No hotel.’


‘Ok, how about a meal?  Do I get a meal?’


‘We don’t have a kitchen.’


‘You’re not really selling me on this gig here.’


‘But you can say you worked Chicago.’


‘I hope it burns.’


100 Words a Day #64

17 Jun

Iliza Schlesinger is a comedian who recently made some comments about other female comics not being original and how females needed to up their game.  People were OUTRAGED by it.  Whatever.  Who cares?  Iliza is a comedian who is more known for wearing skimpy clothes than she is for comedy.

And while I don’t care for Iliza’s comedy, you can take something from what she said.  How do you, as a comic, challenge yourself to grow?  How do you separate yourself?  All good things to ask yourself.  Personally I wouldn’t do it while posing in my underwear but whatever works.


100 Words a Day #34

17 May

Ok, so what do I love doing?  I love comedy, writing, sitting in on radio shows.  I love the creative process.  I love being able to do as I want.  So how do I keep doing this?  I write, submit, ask to get on shows, create my own shows, collaborate with others.  Is there work involved?  Fuck yeah.  Do I enjoy that work?  Usually no.  I just want to do the fun stuff but I know I need to do the bad stuff to get more.  So what do I do now?  I just keep plugging away til something hits.


100 Words a Day #13

26 Apr

Today is a big day for me but I really don’t want it to be.  It is the finals of Funniest Person in Grand Rapids.  Just another comedy contest.  Just another opportunity for me to get onstage and do some time.  Ultimately I am not a fan of comedy contests.  There is no definitive way to determine what is funnier.  But in it I go.  I feel the pressure to do well and even win it.  Why?  Because I am the most experienced person in it.  However experience means little in an 8 minute set. Time to let it rip!

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