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100 Words a Day #175

13 Oct

Yesterday I talked about jumping through hoops.  I had to jump through a hoop.  Apparently I did not jump high enough.

I did another audition for a booker (I had passed 2 years ago but they wanted to see me again.)  I got 15 minutes.  I got the crowd laughing.  I got applause breaks.  I felt good about it.

I met with the booker and he told me he did not see the ‘Wow!’ factor so they wouldn’t use me again.  Not terribly constructive.

So I drove home the 5 hours disappointed.  I will not let my failures define me.



100 Words a Day #174

12 Oct

Sometimes you have to jump through one more hoop.  After you jump through that hoop you need to jump through another.  And then one more hoop.

It is all about the pursuit of comedy.  You need to prove to people that you are funny.  That you got ‘the stuff.’

I’m headed down to Columbus, OH today because I am jumping through one more hoop.  There’s a booker there that a buddy is auditioning for.  Just another hoop.  What you did before doesn’t matter.  You just need to do it.

Hopefully he passes the audition and it is one less hoop.


100 Words a Day #162

24 Sep

The bachelorette party stumbled into the comedy club.  It was 10 minutes before show time.  There were 12 of them and they had already ‘pregamed’ so they were in high form.  The door man reminded them that they needed to be quiet during the show  as to not disturb others in the crowd.  A loud ‘WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!’ was yelled.

The 12 ladies were adorned with penises.  They were on their heads, dresses, fingers and even in their drinks.

One stood up and said ‘We really need to do shots of jager!’

They were kicked out 10 minutes in to the show.


100 Words a Day #119

12 Aug

Things you need to be aware of life on the road as a comic.

1- It is often lonely.  You need to stay disciplined.

2- You often stay in cheap motels or crash on couches.

3- Food isn’t cheap.

4- Write about your experiences.

5- Learn to be friendly with staff and audience members.  Staff often have a say in who comes back.  Audience members will come back if they like you.

6- Get discount rewards at gas stations.

7- Have a quality gps!

8- Try to have fun! Don’t do this if you can’t.

9- Comedy is a job!


100 Words a Day #94

17 Jul

As a comedian your goal is to make people laugh.  That’s it.  Make em laugh.  If you make em think in the end that’s good, but it’s all about the laugh.

I had a gig last night where I can say that I fell a little short.  We did 3 shows.  The crowd didn’t laugh much at the first guy.  They didn’t laugh much at me.  I felt like I was in a staring contest and the crowd won.

The staff was kind enough to say I was funny and the crowd sucked.  Some days are just not that fun.


100 Words a Day #84

6 Jul

I got a call from a buddy.  He’s someone I met through working with media in Grand Rapids.  He listened to my last podcast (LMNOPodcast on Soundcloud, iTunes and Castbox) and wanted to tell me that I shouldn’t quit comedy.  I had expressed my frustration with the business and how it just wasn’t working out as I would want.

There is a strong desire for people to see other people succeed in their dreams.  It is a deeply rooted in people to root for the underdog.  I thanked him and reminded myself to just do what was right for me.


100 Words a Day #79

2 Jul

‘Ok, I have this room right.  It is outside of Chicago.  Great room.  Gonna bring in lots of people.  It’ll be great!’


‘Sounds nice’ I said.  ‘How much is it paying?’


‘Welp, that’s the thing.  It is still pretty new.  We want to get the right people in for the crowd we want to attract.’


‘Ok, do I get a hotel with it?’


‘No hotel.’


‘Ok, how about a meal?  Do I get a meal?’


‘We don’t have a kitchen.’


‘You’re not really selling me on this gig here.’


‘But you can say you worked Chicago.’


‘I hope it burns.’