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100 Words a Day #159

21 Sep

Sandy was already at the Sheriff’s office.  She was sitting in a chair, handcuffed, with her hands behind her.

‘Billy, are these cuffs really necessary?’ she asked the deputy.

‘You are a suspect in an arson case.  I need to make sure that you stay put.’  He replied.

‘Welp, you aren’t doing a good job with that.’  She got up and walked around the room to show him she could leave.

‘SIT DOWN!’  he yelled.

‘Hello Sandy.’  Said Bob.

‘What are you doing here?’  she replied.

‘My house had a little problem with an explosion today too.  Sam is dead.’



100 Words a Day #152

14 Sep

It seems the pharmacy in town, Tom’s Drugs and Goods, had exploded as well.  Tom wasn’t the owner anymore.  Sandy had taken over.  Sandy was Tom’s daughter.  She went out of state for college to become a pharmacist.  It was never her intention to come back.  She didn’t really like Crawford County.  But Tom got sick and she came home to help.  That was 10 years ago.  Tom died 8 years ago.  Sandy just never left.  She aspired for more but just felt stuck.  Bob was thinking to himself ‘She did it.  She finally set herself free to get out.’



100 Words a Day #145

7 Sep

‘So do I sit in the front seat or the back seat?  I’ve never sat in the front seat of a police car before.’ Bob said jokingly.  Bob had been arrested before.  Misdemeanor stuff.  Possession, being intoxicated in public etc.  He has spent time in jail but was always out the next day.

‘Just get in the front seat.’  said the Sheriff.

Bob started doodling in his notebook.  When he got nervous he would draw whatever was in front of him.  He started drawing the Sheriff when a call came out over the radio.

Another explosion had occurred in town.


100 Words a Day #138

31 Aug

The Sheriff gave Bob the side eye.  ‘So Sam living here?  Or was he just visiting?  Seems weird he was tinkering in your house.’

‘Sam was just visiting.  I’ve known Sam for over 20 years.  I had no problem with him being on his own in the house.  He liked to mess with stuff.  I never thought he would make something that would explode.  I kinda like my house the way it was.’

‘I think it would be best if we go to the station to finish this up.’

Bob grabbed a notebook and headed out to the Sheriff’s car.


100 Words a Day #117

10 Aug

Sheriff Thompson showed up maybe 15 minutes later.  He was in his own car.  He drove a classic 1974 Pontiac Trans AM.  It was a perfect car for him.  All muscle, no brain.

Bob and the Sheriff had clashed before.  Mostly when they were drinking at the local watering hole/restaurant/post office.  Bob liked baseball and the Sheriff liked football.  It was mostly playful banter but Bob didn’t like the Sheriff.  He knew the Sheriff could be a prick.

‘So what happened here Bob?’

‘Sheriff I don’t rightly know.  I was in the house when I heard a loud explosion.’


100 Words a Day #83

5 Jul

‘Hey, did you hear that sound?  Sounded like a bomb went off.’ –Bob said.


‘No, what are you talking about?’ Sam replied from the other garage.


‘How the fuck didn’t you hear that?  That loud boom.  You remember that one time we did practice target on a propane tank across the lawn?  It was like that.’


There was no reply from Sam.


‘Sam, what are you doing in there?’  Bob left his desk and went into the garage to see what Sam was doing.


He saw Sam lying on the ground bleeding from what was left of his right arm.