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100 Words a Day #114

6 Aug

A Facebook acquaintance had a post up about tolerance.  He asked ‘shouldn’t we tolerate people with differing opinions.’  Sure, but then he used the example of Chick Fil A and their anti-gay marriage stance as an example.  We shouldn’t be tolerating bigotry, prejudice and hatred.  Preventing someone from having equal rights is not about tolerance or acceptance.  Do we tolerate Nazis or skinheads or Klan members?  We shouldn’t.

There should be a level of acceptance and education on these issues.  But to blindly allow people to hurt others is ludacris.  We need to try and be better than we are.



100 Words a Day #93

17 Jul

Some days you just want to turn everything OFF!  You just want to unplug from all of technology.  Phones, computers, tvs…  Everything.


All of this stuff is supposed to make you feel more connected.  Yet here are all these reported incidents of people feeling more and more disconnected.  Social media appears to be neither.


So what do you do?  It is becoming increasingly difficult to turn things off.  We need email, Google, Facebook to get through the day.


Or do we?


What would happen if we took a week off?  I think I need to challenge myself and do this.


100 Words A Day #85

7 Jul

I post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  90% of the time it is a joke or something humorous.   For me, that is how it should be.  I consider myself a comic and that is what I should do.

Sometimes…  sometimes I post things people don’t like.  And that is ok.  You don’t need to like everything I write or a pic I post.  But if you want to come at me because of it… FUCK YOU!

You can be offended.  You can even find it not funny (which is the worst) but keep that shit to yourself.  My wall, my rules.


100 Words a Day #52

4 Jun

I normally don’t like to engage in Facebook arguments but I got into one the other day.  I got into it with a guy over the word ‘comedian.’  I originally asked if successful actors/actresses ever wanted to be comedians.  I meant as in turning it into their profession.  The answer is no.  Comedians become actors, not the other way around.

This guy argues that Charlie Sheen is a comedian.  I respond that he is a ‘comedic actor’ and that is not the same thing.  He proceeds to call me names.


So I did what I should do and unfriended him.

100 Words a Day #17

1 May

My friend Adam Degi does this fun thing on Facebook.  For the last 3 or 4 years he does a ‘Facebook Draft’ in conjunction with the NFL Draft.  He drafts people for teams and then does blurbs about them from ESPN reporters or celebrities.  Does any of it make sense?  No.  Is it fun?  Absolutely.  He stepped up his game this year by having his own Facebook page for the draft (with 196 people as members).  He went through 2 rounds of drafts, meaning 64 people got drafted.  People got pumped for it!  That alone makes the whole thing awesome!

Degi Draft

Insert computer in mouth….

23 Aug

Welp, I finally did it. I made a critical Facebook error.  I knew I would at some point.  It had to happen because I am an idiot. Some background information here, I have a lot of Facebook friends.  I am usually at the max of 5000 but it changes every now and then.  I like to joke that I know only 6 of them.  A good portion of the people are just acquaintances or people who have seen me at shows.  And this brings me to what I did. 

Coke has this new ad campaign #ShareACoke.  Coke has been putting names on their bottles to get people to buy them.  I like to buy a bottle with a name of a friend on it, drink it all, take a pic of it and post the pic on my friend’s wall and write ‘I ain’t sharing shit!’  It is funny and just a way for me to reconnect with some people.

So I got one with the name ‘David’ on it.  I know a lot of guys named David and Facebook and so I posted the pic on their pages.  Haha! Woooooo! Funny.  A few hours later I get a Facebook message from a woman who is the sister of one of the guys I posted a pic on their wall.  She informed me that he has passed away about a month prior. (I had posted on a dead man’s wall.)  In fact he had a debilitating disease and taken his own life.

Dave was a guy that I don’t think I had ever met.  Maybe he had saw me at a show? He was just a Facebook presence.  He would comment frequently and was very supportive of my silly comedy career.  I had noticed that he hadn’t commented lately.  He was at least good at commenting on my regular ‘Peace be with you’ status on Sundays.

I had no idea that he had been in pain.  No idea that he had been struggling in such a way.  He was just another entity in an online world.  I guess I am glad that I posted the pic and was told of his situation.  It makes me more cognizant of needing to stay connected with people I know.  To check in now and then.  To ask questions.  To be open with communication.  

So go connect people.  And feel free to share a Coke.