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100 Words a Day #149

11 Sep

Benbo was sitting in the room that he created.  He (for lack of a better term) didn’t build it.  It was just there.  Benbo just thinks of things and things are there.

Benbo didn’t feel frustration or anger or fear or sadness.  He just wanted to have fun, to amuse himself.  So he did things.  He never knew of repercussions the things he did would have for others.  He wasn’t aware of others.  While trying to make fun he made ‘people.’

He interacted with them and made them do things for his amusement.  There was resentment they had towards him.


100 Words a Day #119

12 Aug

Things you need to be aware of life on the road as a comic.

1- It is often lonely.  You need to stay disciplined.

2- You often stay in cheap motels or crash on couches.

3- Food isn’t cheap.

4- Write about your experiences.

5- Learn to be friendly with staff and audience members.  Staff often have a say in who comes back.  Audience members will come back if they like you.

6- Get discount rewards at gas stations.

7- Have a quality gps!

8- Try to have fun! Don’t do this if you can’t.

9- Comedy is a job!


100 Words a Day #96

18 Jul

Sometimes you scream and shout! You let those muthas out!

Other times you sit in the sound of silence.

Sometimes you rage against the machine!

Other times you watch paint dry.

Sometimes you just wanna dance with somebody!

Other times you just wanna sit on the couch all day.

Sometimes you just wanna eat 5 star food!

Other times eating a gas station hotdog sounds like the thing to do.

Sometimes you wanna get dressed to the nines!

Other times sweatpants with holes in them and a ‘Who Farted’ t-shirt makes sense.

Either way they are both right. Have fun!