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100 Words a Day #131

24 Aug

‘Sam was in the garage.  Like I said I was in the house.  Sam liked to tinker with the car.  I just assumed he was working on it.’

‘And what were you doing Bob?’  Asked the Sheriff.  ‘You sure you were in the house?  Maybe you were in the garage with Sam.  Maybe you set off the bomb.  Not saying you did it on purpose but maybe you were there.’

‘Look Sheriff, I was in the house.  I was on my computer watching Netflix.  I’m a fan of Daredevil and was watching before the new Defenders came out.  That’s it.’



100 Words a Day #117

10 Aug

Sheriff Thompson showed up maybe 15 minutes later.  He was in his own car.  He drove a classic 1974 Pontiac Trans AM.  It was a perfect car for him.  All muscle, no brain.

Bob and the Sheriff had clashed before.  Mostly when they were drinking at the local watering hole/restaurant/post office.  Bob liked baseball and the Sheriff liked football.  It was mostly playful banter but Bob didn’t like the Sheriff.  He knew the Sheriff could be a prick.

‘So what happened here Bob?’

‘Sheriff I don’t rightly know.  I was in the house when I heard a loud explosion.’


100 Words A Day #111

3 Aug

The paramedics made their way in to the garage.  They commented on how it smelled of sulphur and whiskey.  Maybe Bob had poured too much whiskey into Sam’s mouth?  Bob also hadn’t smelled the sulphur.  Bob has anosmia, the inability to smell.  That ability has made life both a blessing and curse.

The paramedics found Sam on the floor.  He had bleed out despite Bob’s attempt to save him.  They kept quiet while they brought out the cadaver bag but didn’t put Sam in it.  They knew enough to wait for the cops.  Sheriff Thompson could be a prickly one.