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100 Words a Day #118

11 Aug

Do what you love not what you think other people will love.

Personally I love doing my podcast, doing radio, writing short stories, working on sketches, hitting the gym, playing with my dog, eating lots of ice cream.

Sadly most of those things don’t pay me well, or at all.  So I make do and do things I wouldn’t normally do.  Like jobs, am I right?!   But a brother has got to eat so I become a slave to the man.

Possibly some of these things will pay off for me.  But until then I will enjoy what I do.



100 Words a Day #109

1 Aug

So I write and I perform and I podcast and I tweet and I post and I do more and more and more and more for very little.

So why do I do this?  Sometimes I think I just do this because I have been doing this for so long, I don’t know what else I would be doing.  I do it out of habit.

But it isn’t working for me.  I must be crazy to keep doing the same thing over and over again for so little.

So I’m stopping.  I’m changing things up. I’m learning from my mistakes.


100 Words a Day #106

28 Jul

I drove about 45 minutes today to a small rural airport.  I paid a young lady 300 dollars and filled out a legal waiver for her.  I met a man named Scott who went over very basic details before I got into a small airplane.  I got into the one seat (for the pilot) plane and Scott harnessed himself to my back.  I was feeling nervous and was wondering if it was too late to back out.  We flew up to 10,000 feet and fell out.  I’ll talk more about it Monday on my LMNOPodcast.  Tune in if ya could.


100 Words a Day #100

22 Jul

I do a little podcast called LMNOPodcast.  I was recently doing it once a week but have now bumped it up to twice a week.  Why?  Because I like it.


The format’s changed over the years.  Originally I would interview comics that came in to the club or ones I had worked with on the road.  I got tired of that.  Then I just started doing it with regular co-hosts.  That became difficult to coordinate schedules.


So I have just decided to do it my way.  Just me.  Ranting, commenting on new topics etc.  I run the show my way.


100 Words a Day #84

6 Jul

I got a call from a buddy.  He’s someone I met through working with media in Grand Rapids.  He listened to my last podcast (LMNOPodcast on Soundcloud, iTunes and Castbox) and wanted to tell me that I shouldn’t quit comedy.  I had expressed my frustration with the business and how it just wasn’t working out as I would want.

There is a strong desire for people to see other people succeed in their dreams.  It is a deeply rooted in people to root for the underdog.  I thanked him and reminded myself to just do what was right for me.