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100 Words a Day #118

11 Aug

Do what you love not what you think other people will love.

Personally I love doing my podcast, doing radio, writing short stories, working on sketches, hitting the gym, playing with my dog, eating lots of ice cream.

Sadly most of those things don’t pay me well, or at all.  So I make do and do things I wouldn’t normally do.  Like jobs, am I right?!   But a brother has got to eat so I become a slave to the man.

Possibly some of these things will pay off for me.  But until then I will enjoy what I do.



100 Words a Day #115

8 Aug

I have been told that I have a resemblance to Anthony Bourdain.  I have never seen one of his shows but I am tired of him.  Seems every other commercial I see is about him telling me what food to eat or drink to drink.  Take it easy Tony.  Click goes the channel.

I got to sit in on a radio show on the AM dial.  Approximately 8 people heard it.  About the same amount of people who will read this.

I’m working on some sketches for an album recording in Oct. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile.

am radio

100 Words a Day #34

17 May

Ok, so what do I love doing?  I love comedy, writing, sitting in on radio shows.  I love the creative process.  I love being able to do as I want.  So how do I keep doing this?  I write, submit, ask to get on shows, create my own shows, collaborate with others.  Is there work involved?  Fuck yeah.  Do I enjoy that work?  Usually no.  I just want to do the fun stuff but I know I need to do the bad stuff to get more.  So what do I do now?  I just keep plugging away til something hits.


100 Words a Day #18

1 May

Media is changing obviously.  Everything is becoming digital.  Everything is streaming.  Netflix, satellite radio, online subscriptions, podcasts…  So many different ways to get information out there.  People talk about trends and analytics and being on brand.  I bring up the discussion as I still listen to terrestrial radio.  I keep hearing it is a dying media form. I enjoy the local connections that it continues to have.  I don’t feel that we get that connection from listening to syndicated shows, podcasts and satellite radio.  And how many commercials for stamps.com can I really listen to?!  So listen local, support local!